You don’t like to any work why?

(YOU DON’T LIKE TO WORK)- Someone asked me this question. Firstly sir when I start any work it really feels good. On the other hand 6 to 7-month later I do not like that work. What can I do? Today I will introduce you to the truth. Two common solutions I will tell you guys 1. Realistic 2.Consequences. In our lives, we cannot learn the value of consequences. Try to understand one thing you will get what you give.  Most importantly, not by you because you have started saying to yourself. I can’t and it’s too dull. So forget it, you think of something else. It won’t happen by you. One thing I don’t understand. What some people expect so much. You haven,t studies all your life. And the day the results come out you are wondering what will happen to me.

Hay friend thinks real. You know very well that you have never studied. You have never worked hard. So how do you think about these things? Think about the real truth. Yes, I did not work. How can I get results?

Secondly, what comes is the importance YOU DON’T LIKE TO ANY WORK WHY?

It is very important in our society. I don,t know your age I think you will be 17 to 18 years old. You have to make a career, score the competition enter the Rank system. You have to take a big responsibility in your life. This is how our system was created. The second thing we need to understand is that we are in a developing country. You try to understand one thing. There are some people who think 25,26,27 or 30. I made a big mistake. I needed to do this in 17 years. You will find every person in the world who says this to their son or daughter.

Now if we look at this biologically let’s say a human brain develops after 25 years. So your brain has not developed yet. You’re barely 17 now. So you have to understand that our system is terrible. The most horrible test is being put in our system between the ages of 17 and 18. And that’s what you have to give. This is the kind of Show off. Now we can do two things. 1- we blame it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Because I got it our system is terrible and I am 17 now. So, parents, my brain is not developed yet; there is still a lot of time; you do not take the pressure.

2-Many people are doing it in such a situation- Now who are these people? Those who understand very quickly. Those you think are Nerd, Geek but they are just studying, doing their job and they will settle down in the future. You can see it with your own eyes. On the other hand some people who are deprived, desperate. Their motivation by itself comes. There has a good reason to do it.

Thirdly, they became those who are very intelligent

Maybe they don’t study but I’m sure they are doing something. And you can see them 20-22 years they will stand a good place. So this time we come back a little If you come from a middle-class family and there is no problem of food in your house, someone who has given you a home, you have a big phone and you sit comfortably and play PUBG for hours on end. So you understand that desperation will not come in your life. Again you are still immature.

On top of that, we have been left with such a terrible technology for which you can do gaming, watching so many times pass things. And by doing all this, your brain is being destroyed more. So what a way we have? Clearly, most people will take the mediocre. Because we have already taken all our choices. So first of all, our system is terrible. On top of that, you can see the population in our country. So many poor people in our country then you can see how much fear there is in them. When you come from a low-income family, you know the water in your house goes out at a certain time.

There is only one house to live in. Parents, brothers, and sisters are all in one house. So you see how small inspiration is. We are talking about this matter here. There are many terrible motivations for people to work. If a child sees this thing, it is creating a terrible motivation in him. Maybe this thing is not among many because again your brain is not developing yet. So one thing you have to understand is you can’t deal with this. what can you do? all you can do is apologize or blame.

So tell yourself, Bro, this is reality and I can’t spend my life in pain. I have to work very hard. In my opinion, make a big plan for today. After 5 years, I will give myself a better place. And if you think, Pankaj Sir said our system is so bad and it still takes time for my brain to develop. I relax now. Then you will fuck off your own life. You may not have your own life troubles but decide to make yourself by seeing the troubles of other’s life. only one thinks you can do write now hard work, hard work, and hard work. if you want to know more this age what type of things you can do to check my another blog.

So my friend if you like then share your friends and help others to give their life decisions.

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