What to do when girl/boy likes to ignore you?

Today’s topic is very interesting. (WHAT TO DO WHEN GIRL/BOY LIKES TO IGNORE YOU?) So my friends, First of all, Today I will discuss the most important query. This thing always revolves around your heads.

  1. What I have done wrong?

I have seen so many times this mentality whatever boy or girl. So many problems come I heard these words What I have done wrong? why He/she leave me alone? please tell me I will solve every problem. I really love this human trust me. ok now logically you explain this to me. For one thing, if you’re always thinking like this, you’re in for a big mistake. You always hope that a girl cames into your life and I love her but she loves me too. This means everything is going well. That’s all right. Accordingly, I also need to get everything from him, whether he is a boy or girl. And when these things go in the wrong direction, we blame that Girl/boy it’s your fault, not me. And you think (WHAT TO DO WHEN GIRL/BOY LIKES TO IGNORE YOU?)

I told you one thing that it,s totally a system of fairness. Because humans are just creators everywhere who see anything mathematically. we say right is right and wrong is wrong. And if you doing wrong then everybody punishes you. If this is true then every human being would do the right thing. They don,t behave badly because we punish those who behave badly. Then there was no need for law in this world. Did I say right?

Think carefully before engaging with anyone WHAT TO DO WHEN GIRL/BOY LIKES TO IGNORE YOU?

That,s why I am telling you to think carefully before engaging with anyone. Is this boy/girl really worthy of me? Understand this. Has this person earned the part of you can give your feelings? would you say an extraordinary story of yours was a girl or boy in my life and I loved him so much but WHAT TO DO WHEN GIRL/BOY LIKES TO IGNORE You? You have made love is a case of the law. I am a case number A and This girl/boy is case number B. Number B is doing the right thing and Number A response to all things right It means, it’s all right, this is the end of your love story. Not in this way.

Life cannot go on like this. Hay my friend please put your own intellect. I say one thing when you’re talking to someone you think ohhhhhh! my god, he/she replied to me. That’s great will be with me. The boy/girl sends me a love emoji🥰 🥰🥰 then surely the boy/girl loves me. So you find your love. I’m not saying he/she doesn’t love you. Maybe in love, time pass or maybe he/she is looking for nonsense what we call temporary liking. When She/he gets a good option she/he will go out. A lot can happen. After all, the only thing I can say is that you have to work with your intellect. Take a good look at these 3 things before entering someone’s life 1. Action 2. decisions 3. choices.

3 things before entering someone’s life 1. Action 2. decisions 3. choices

Look at the history of a person. what he had a year ago. The second thing you should always think about is where you want to go in your life. I assume the age of those for whom I am saying this will be 18 to 25. This is very important for you. You can learn a lot at this time. If you are sitting so empty you can do many things to develop yourself if you want right. Choosing something and think a little about yourself. There is so much to do in life. What are you doing? It needs to be very important to establish every person in their life.

Because your True identity is your purpose. If you sit at home all day thinking about how I can earn a girl, then you are finishing yourself. At the end of the day, no one will be by your side. Write it down. Thirdly if you love someone so this person will support my action, decisions, and choices. Or ruin you. Does this person also want to go for his own purpose or not. One thing we never think about is whether this person really has a job.

He has been sitting online all day. Does he/she have any purpose in life? So think and then jump. If you think to be with this person will end everything on your own, then why are you bringing him into your life. Life does not stop. Another person will come into your life again. So there is no point in ending your aim for them. A relationship is a good thing, but it does not create your first choice. The purpose of your life makes the first choice. Because it’s very essential.

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