Looking at the title, you may think that I do not support the parents. In fact, today I want to explain through this topic what you will do when your parents do not allow you to do anything you like. Because this problem is very much in our country. And from their point of view, they are right too. Because society has forced them to do so. But they make mistakes in one place and that is that they don’t want to understand in any way who you are, what you like, what you want. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. So today’s topic is What should be done when parents control us? Let’s get started.

Do parents control us? Put the priority of your life on yourself

One thing I have seen in life is that people leave their jobs and go to the other side. And they blame others for not doing their job. Friend, you give the job the number 1 priority, then you do what you have to fight. Because you should not stop the engine or train that will take you forward in life. Now give an example. Parents are not allowing private jobs. There is no freedom of choice. Career, life everything is basically guided by the people in the house. I can’t find what to do. This is the problem we hear most of the time.

I have highlighted your mistake more with examples from your family

Here we have to understand a simple concept. And that is personal growth. We’ll talk about parents later. How is growth in anyone’s life? When there is a problem in the life of each of us, we think that everything is for this. Our lives are over for this problem. But one thing you don’t understand is that this problem is making you tough. Because we all know that there are good and bad sides to everything. But we just concentrate more on the bad side. We don’t even think about what could be better.

Because when we fight with any problem, that problem is privately ours. No one else is involved in that. Now when you fight that you have some choice. That again is divided into good and bad. Like you try to get out of that problem by doing something good or make some wrong decision for which you create a new problem instead of getting out of that problem. So you understand how you get stuck every day. And for all this, you blame the first problem. I mean those words of your parent. I think you got to understand what is personal growth. As long as you can’t make the wrong decision, the only thing to remember is that no one else is to blame for the problems that are coming today, it’s your own fault.

Now let’s talk about what parents do wrong

Parents do not understand what we want? The simple reason is that they think we have a child in 20-22 years. And they will make every decision in our lives. But they do not realize that if they can do these kinds of things, we will really spend our whole lives depending on them. The effect will be very bad. Because they are not teaching us the solution to our problems. On the contrary, they are teaching us to be more dependent on them. One piece of advice I would like to tell all parents is whether your son or daughter will be a doctor or an engineer, please let him decide.

Because you don’t have the right to do that, you will fulfill the dream that you yourself could not fulfill. This is not possible. Blood may be yours but mentally every human being in this world is different. And everyone has freedom. And when it comes to society, even if you do good deeds, society will call you bad, and even if you do bad deeds, it will call you bad. What should be done when parents control us? This does not mean that you will push your son or daughter’s life into darkness. Learn to put his will first. A man cannot make bad decisions all the time. If he/she takes it badly, you will definitely say it and he/she will understand that too. But do not force it on his neck.

Now comes to the key question What should be done when parents control us?

First of all, if you want to do something and if it is your right decision, then no one can stop you. Because that is your stubbornness.

Secondly, parents will support you only when you can show some of the best achievements earned from it.

Third, you need to get out of this environment. Because if you stay in this environment, you will end up day after day. And you will be responsible for that. No one else. But if you want to get out of this environment, you have to know that the problem that will come this time will come from your own decision. So get ready for that first. And please don’t rely on friends. Because this friend is the most deceived person in the world. Go ahead alone on this path. If you work in the right way and prepare yourself, I promised that success will come.

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So my friend if you like then share your friends and help others to give their life decisions.

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