We do the kind of things that slowly cause a lot of damage in our lives. But we do not find what they are? Today I will discuss with you only those 4 issues for which your life is coming to an end. But you don’t even understand. So let’s get started. The World’s Worst 4 Habits To Waste Your Life

Watch Television World’s Worst 4 Habits To Waste Your Life

A man turned on the TV and saw a Braking News. A 112-year-old man says smoking is the secret to his long life. And smoking 30 cigarettes a day. This time the person who was watching this news decided to quit smoking. But after seeing this news, his emotional brain went into a confident brain. And he began to tell himself what would happen to me if he could live up to 112 years by smoking 30 cigarettes a day. This is a common example that happens to us almost because of watching TV.

Which is called Availability Bias. A Nobel Prize winner has highlighted this in his Thinking Fast and Slow book. Availability bias means making decisions on the basis of information that we know and normally that is not exactly the case. Example After an airplane crash, if someone decides that the airplane will not go. It would be better to go by car.

But he did not understand this thing that the chances of an accident in a car are a little higher compare to airplanes. Television shows more of the news that is rare. This rare story often has a very big negative impact on our decisions. That’s why this is our first waste of time.

2. Always Say Yes

There is a safety announcement before the take-off of the flight. It is said that if something goes wrong and it is time to use the oxygen mask, then first you use the mask on your own face and then help others. There is only one reason to say this because if you can’t protect yourself first then maybe the loss will be yours.

Keep yourself right before helping others. No More MR. Nice Guy, book the Author mentions this. Stop being a nice guy. Don’t be bad, but don’t be a person who is willing to do anything to help others. Example You may have noticed this many times. The boy is very nice. Behaves very well with everyone. Yet nothing good happens to him. People do not respect him.

Laugh at him. Even the girls don’t care about him. This is because usually, the alpha males think they are more important. He thinks his goal is important. That’s why everyone looks at him with good eyes. On the other hand, the nice guy who is a good guy, no one pays attention to him in the guise of making himself look smart to others. He thinks that he will be known as a good person only if he does something for the people. That’s why he says yes to everything they say to him. He is willing to give up his important job. Therefore, according to the author, he is a nice guy, but he cannot be an alpha male.


Research has shown that 65 times when a person thinks about something that could happen, but in real life, it never happens. And what happens to 15% is very small to 69% of people. In her book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie highlights some of these amazing things. He says how worrying people waste all their time. According to research, a normal person can waste up to 13 hours every week by thinking a bad way. Which makes people’s productivity, performance, even health worse as time goes on. Most of the diseases like chest disease, stomach disease, and paralysis are due to worry.

4. Multi Tasking

Imagine when Bill Gates doing coding if he thinks that I’m doing it well this work and I do a lot of other things together. Then what happens? Could he have made Microsoft so great? Could he be the richest man in the world for so many years? Couldn’t any day. That day he gave his all on one thing so today he is in this place. Sometimes a machine cant. Then we are human beings. So when you do anything, just think of what you will do.

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So my friend if you like then share your friends and help others to give their life decisions.

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