Today’s topic is about friendship. Today I will introduce you to the truth. Friends are always changing. They will lose 98% of your life at the end of the time whether it is in your school or college. There may be 1 or 2 people. But the chances are very low. You know this very well. Maybe your parents told you or you knew it was real life. Do you know why? Look at the simple reason that when you go to college or school, they become different as soon as you get a placement or go to another school. Maybe at first, you will be in a lot of touch for 1 year. But gradually that will not be possible. Because they will also work elsewhere or new friends will come in their life. (The truth of life and the reality of life)

Social media The truth of life and the reality of life

So they don’t have time to remember you. Now maybe there are social media to talk about. Or to keep the relationship good. But they may have very little time to reply to you. Now you go to a new place. and then the same thing happened again. Just like before, the new friendship gradually became different. this is the real truth about our whole life. so don’t worried about this type of thinks. Now, why I don’t like social media. and I think you also follow these rules.

Something can be learned by watching a good movies

First of all, If you have to watch the Indian Amazon Web series Like Panchayat then you will understand what is tell us that whole Web series. and I will definitely tell you guys to keep watching this web series. Now I will tell you the brief Introduction of that web series. One day a boy earned a government Job. But he did not like much this job. Because he got a job in a Village Panchayat.

And his friend work for his own company in a good city. And that guy used to prepare himself to do the job for an MBA. It hurts a lot. Because there is no good electricity in that village. And that village was completely filled with Superstition. Which the son of a city family will never accept. One day he was so worried that he was drinking and sitting alone. Suddenly he turned on his phone on social media. He saw his friend enjoying his office friends. And uploading those videos. He suffered more. Because he wondered where I was today and where my friend was today.

So for a second, his mind went to Demotivate. That’s why I personally don’t like social media. No matter how much you think you won’t go to the demotivate. But the pain must be hidden in one corner of the mind. You also, learn something by watching movies. That’s why I telling you to watch this movie.

Don’t feel bad for everything

That is why it is said that new friendships do not last long. There are very few chances in the world that you can get back like before. he could be your roommate. But after a while, you will no longer be together. You may tell me right now that no, my friend’s group is very good. We talk every day. Listen, he’s talking to you a lot in the group today, but he won’t recognize you when he’s in a good place. They are different but their percentage is very small in this world. Look at life in a long term way. Two or four years from today, come and comment on this article and let me know how close you are. All right. don’t rely on these things too much.

Friendship is much better in its own right. There is a need for time. Have fun in your life. But don’t make friendship the basis of your life. Friendship is everything in life. This is the biggest lie in the world. Friendship is an aspect of life. A very important aspect. But its just one aspect of life. Life is only Me. friendship gives you a name. but for Me, it’s real, and its the main subject of our whole life. (The truth of life and the reality of life)

There are a lot of people in this world who use you and throw you away

There are a lot of people who have a lot of fun in college life. But as life goes on you see they could do nothing in life. No one asks about them. Not that they couldn’t do anything because everyone’s road was different. There are many problems in their lives. The truth is that everyone remembered him then because he used to make everyone laugh. Our brains are built in such a way that we do what we need to do. We don’t even remember that later. Then you need someone to make fun of. But if you find someone else today, you will really forget him. This is the real fact.

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