the defendant and the quarrel difference


How do I understand the difference between the defendant and the quarrel? First of all, those who oppose anything or any event that they think is wrong in their wisdom, are the defendants! The defendant groans singly or collectively, and in many cases does the job of opening the eyes of the country and the ten, not just against himself! Their type is usually plausible. Protests sometimes cross country boundaries! Its spread can be large. Rasta is also sometimes called to protest !! So it is said that greater interests are involved! The wrongdoers fear the protesters, take their lives or take them away. But the defendant did not back down.

quarrels- It has no place, time, pot! Usually done for their own benefit. They know in their heart – “Emphasis is theirs!” So justice does not lend itself to wrong. Those who quarrel are never seen to protest vigorously against injustice, but protestants are seen to do so. Those who quarrel are not ready or willing to listen to your argument. They listen to your statement a little and then go on saying their irrational words in unison. But protesters try to listen to your reasoning for the right reasons and are ready to respond.

Where quarrels are not likely to be of any benefit to them, quarrelsome people leave quickly or are absent. This, however, is more commonly seen in educated individuals. Because they can ignite the situation. Controversial people usually tell lies because truth can never be argued with. And the protesters do not have to lie because they themselves felt or saw what they were saying so they could accurately describe the facts. And they know very well the power of truth. Without knowing it, they would have retaliated illegally instead of being protesters.

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