Imagine you were given 24,985 rupees as soon as you were born. And it was said that you will have this for the rest of your life. And in that, you have to spend your whole life. All you have to do is eat, stay, run a family for 24,985 rupees. So what do you think this money is more or less for your whole life. Think about how much money you have to spend if this is really the case. Well, in reality, money is not, but an average person gets more important numbers than that. Stop wasting your time searching in 4 steps.

According to the Indian report, our average life is 68.45 Years. If we convert it into days then so be it 24985 days. Just to do everything there are these days. But this is not the biggest problem. The real problem is that we waste a lot of time during this time. According to a survey, we do 9,000 days of useless activity these days. Which is 40% of our whole life. That’s why I’ll tell you today How to Stop wasting your time searching in 4 steps.

What is 4DX? Stop wasting your time searching in 4 steps

4DX means 4 Discipline of Execution. If you ask maximum people, do you prefer to create a strategy or do you prefer to execute that strategy? Then the maximum guy you get is the strategist. To meet the goals of those who have read many articles or watched the video. But the thing they will fall behind in is execution. That means complete there work with silent action. For this reason, if you want to do something yourself and be successful, then focus on execution. And 4DX will help you with this. The author of this book has surveyed over 2 lakh business leaders. Why they Falls to take actions and Why they Falls to achieve goals?

From this, he realized that the most important thing was not allowing them to work. That’s it Whirlwind. Some examples of Whirlwind of our daily life. Whatsapp notification, Hang out with friends, Every time social media, and many more. So you need to create a system to execute your work. So that You will save you from Whirlwind. And the system that will help you do this is 4DX 4 Discipline of Execution.

Now the 4 disciplines is

  1. Focus on wig
  2. Lead actions and Lag results
  3. Put Scoreboard
  4. Cadence of accountability

1. Focus on wig

Imagine you work at an airport’s ATC (Air Traffic Control). Many flights come and go at any time. Now if you ask the passengers, they will say that their flight is important to them. That means all flights are important to them. But for you, a flight is the most important thing that actually controls all the traffic. And that is the landing flight. Because it is the most important thing. Similarly, the Author says just follow these rules tie in your life. If you want to have full control over your life then put a WIG (A widely important goal) on a particular subject. First, finish the goal which completes your goal statement. From X to Y by Z. Example I will increase my salary from 40,000 to 80,000 by 2021.

And to fulfill this goal statement, ask yourself a question that is the work that you can do right now to get the closest to your XYZ. Now find it and finish it regular basic.

2. Lead actions and Lag results

I assume your goal is to double your income. So you do a lot more work in your free time so that your money comes a little more. You suffer a lot at the beginning of the month, but at the end of the month, you do not get a very good income. Then you get frustrated and quit the job saying it won’t go away by me. And this thing happens with many. They take action but do not see the results. This time, according to Author, the reason for this is that we can’t understand one thing and that is Lead actions and Lag results.

There is a Lag time between what you do and what you do well. It means Action___________________Lag time_______________________Results. You will not see any results in this Lag time. Now for some people, this lag time is less, and some people are more for it. But when you get it, you get it out of your mind. So keep working, even if it’s a little late to get the answer, you will definitely get it.

3. Put Scoreboard

Maybe today is your holiday. You are all playing cricket today. As time goes on, everyone’s interest is going away from the game. The only reason is that you did not create a scoreboard. And you never know what the opposite team’s score is. If you maintained the score, you would have the energy to win. And you tried hard to win. Bring this same thing into your own life, according to Author. People behave differently when they know there score in there life. When people’s desire to win increases, then automatically execution also increases a lot. That’s why it is so important that you check your score frequently.

And you can do this by maintaining a journal or a scoreboard at home. And on this scoreboard, you will write 3 things.

  • Wig- Suppose your wig is you want to increase your salary 40,000 to 80.000.
  • Lag- How many extra projects do you have to work on?
  • Lead- Your number of clients.

So after deciding the wig in this way, when you measure and increase your lead, it will make you feel like you are winning every day. And with this, when you see your lag results being improved, a motivation will come inside you. And that’s how you push yourself to win.

4. Cadence of accountability

People are more committed to their work ideas if they are asked to do something else. This is why the Fourth Discipline teaches us to create a rhythm of accountability. That means meeting your team one day a week or every day or meeting someone you can give your own accountability to and also take his accountability with you. keep a small session. Where you answer 3 questions.

  1. Do you Finish Last week’s commitment?
  2. How much progress did commitments make?
  3. What commitments for next week?

Believe me this one thing will help you a lot to reach your goal.

Conclusion– In one word 4DX is where you give accountability of your scorecard every day or week. And improve it by increasing your lead actions. Which finally completes your WIG.

This was a short summary of the great book The 4 Disciplines of Execution.

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So my friend if you like then share your friends and help others to give their life decisions.

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