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First, (stop wasting time) we get 86,000 seconds each day. Which we can use in two ways. 1- Does bad things, 2- Or use this time to learn something and it can help us for our future. Benjamin Franklin said that time is money. That means if you want to get rich, then you have to stop era. Now the big question is, Which we can catch as a waste of time? The answer is We don’t learn anything in those moments Just waste our era. These moments we catch as a waste of time. That means you are time pass with some friends somewhere. But that time if you learn something then it will not fall within the time pass. So anything you do just learn something. Check out other website-

There are three aspects in our life. 1- Health 2- Wealth 3- Happiness. If any work helps to do these three things well, then you understand that you use that time for some good purpose. In my opinion easiest way to stop era ask yourself one question “is it going to improve my life”? If the answer is no, then stop doing this. Check out my other blog-

For example, we thought we would get up every early morning. Then we’ll do some body exercises. A little running, taking the morning’s fresh air, eat nutritious food, etc. But we do the opposite. Sleep pulling nose until 10.00 a.m or more. And when we wake up, our first task is scroll down the mobile page. What a beautiful life. Wait and watch. Today, you do not value of the time in future time, will not the value of yourself. Mind it. So first of all, make a routine. And follow that routine daily. The first, second, third day, one month or two months will be very difficult. But when it comes at practice. Then you will feel very happy.

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