Stop Using Excuses

(Stop Using Excuses) First of all we know what is an excuse: Excuse is nothing but a piece of lie yourself. Every time you doing using an excuse for some reason. But you know what big mistake you are doing? You don’t know. Maybe for a while you were happy to show excuses. (Stop Excuses) but that doesn’t last very long. So now what type of excuse you are using. Check other blog-

1- today I Am very weak I Can’t do this work right now: You know you do this work very well but you have made an excuse. Why? Because you know (reason) I have to work a little hard to get to work. It means you are scared before working. This fear is the root cause of your loss. How to get rid of this fear? Tell yourself loudly yes I Can do this because (Stop Excuses) everybody can and I Can do. See that all fears are gone.

2- lose your trust: he told me you are wrong, don’t do what you’re doing. Because I’ll tell you the right way. Well, tell me one thing? Who is he/she? (reason) It is your life, not them. Do your own decision without hearing other people’s word. If you give your decision on other people’s they will end you. Check my other blog post-

3- Set a goal- make a specific goal and keep working on it. Unless you can create a specific goal of your own, you will not be able to stop the excuses. Now before setting your goal, ask yourself three questions. 1: Why am I doing this. 2: How much time do I have to put behind it. 3: If I do this, what will I get in the future. If you get the answers to these three questions, you will be able to find your goal.

Always keep these three things in mind, it will help you to stop giving excuses

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