Some mistakes do parents

(Some mistakes do parents). 1- Compare: Every child is different, they have different qualities. You have to understand that. So don’t compare with other children and your child. If you use this type of things, it will break their confidence. Tell some good word for your child. (parents) help them to harden their mind. Check out other blog-

2- Give them time- (parents) Mother Dad is both busy nowadays. Both are working. Even after an hour back home, we should give the child. Because they have a lot of say. And they want to share with you these things. So talk to them, and solve their issues. This is the identity of a good parent.

3- Putting your own imperfect wish on the children’s mind- you couldn’t an engineer/doctor, but you want to fulfill that hobby with your son or daughter. Why? they have own dream/wish. you have no right to take away their dream/wish. Your time has passed. So please honor their dream/wish. learn to give importance them.

4- Many people reprimand without knowing the right thing- develop listening habits because you did not hear what exactly they want to tell you. And you got angry with them. First listen to what they have to say. Then solve it with a cool mind.

5-first knowing yourself and then instruct your child- Parents are the first teachers of children. They will follow you. So before teaching anything, check yourself once you can do that. I know everything. Please stop thinking like that.

6- treat children in a friendly manner- if you treat them in a friendly way. They will tell you everything. On the other hand, if you always angry with them. They will fear you and tell you nothing, it will be very dangerous in the future. So avoid these things. Believe me, they will love you so much.

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