Millionaires and Middle Class

Millionaires and Middle Class 1.Millionaires think long term. But Middle class Short-term thinking. It means. We can divide our society into five parts. 1-Very poor, 2-poor, 3- Middle class, 4- Wealthy, 5- very Wealthy. Among them there have different ideas about their money. Very poor only thinks of today. The poor are thinking about this week. Middle class thinks about this month. Wealthy think about this year, and very Wealthy only think about this decade. Now come to their life’s purpose. Check out other link-

For example, the goal of the poor is to survive somehow, the goal of the mediator is to live happily ever after, Wealthy and very wealthy living independently of all aspects of life, middle class wants everything right now. On the other hand, rich people always Develops patience discipline. Billionaires today do things that no one else is doing. Because tomorrow they get what they want. Where do you want to see yourself after ten years? And for this, you have to be enduring. Check out my other blog post-

2. Wealthy and very Wealthy person discusses the Idea. and middle class, always things about other people. But middle class topic always entertainment, car, bike, etc. similarly very Wealthy person always thinks how to make these things. You can understand where the main problem is?

3. very Wealthy person always Welcome to the change. On the other hand, middle class fear change. This is because they cannot understand they can handle that change. There is always a fear in the mind. Get out of your own convenient place.

4. very Wealthy person always learns new things. But middle class thinking I’ve learned all that. Always remember there is no end to learning. The more you learn, the more your profits.

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