So my dear friends we will discuss today How to stop falling love with girls you see around you! First of all, I would like to thank everyone. You have enjoyed watching my previous articles. And you let me know that you have developed a lot of yourself from my articles. But now you are facing a big problem. And the fact that you are reading my motivation article is also working but after a while, it is gone and the biggest problem is that when you see a beautiful girl on the street or in a mall or outside, the only thing that comes to your mind is if it was my girlfriend. How good it would be. And my life would (Stop Falling Love) have been set.

Even if a beautiful girl talks to you, then you go crazy. All in all, the problem is that when you see a beautiful girl, you want to have a relationship with her. Now I want to tell you something.

Here are some things to keep in mind How to Stop Falling in Love Step-1

Look at the first thing, girls are really beautiful to look at and you will like it too. It will never be inside anyone. No matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you dream about her, but when you see a beautiful girl, your eyes will go and this is the real thing. Write down this thing even if you get married. people will always be attracted to a good looking face. Because biologically everyone must be attracted to beautiful things. This is a natural thing.

To accept the fact that you are a biological human. You know what, it helps a lot. Because when you accept the truth, there will be happy inside you. Do you know what would be happy? Yes, she looks beautiful. Okay, and the beautiful thing I saw and told my mind yes the girl to look beautiful. But gradually the dreams that you were making inside yourself with him will go away. You will not have to worry about this in the future. You can move on in 1 second. Ok, she was a pretty girl and I saw her that’s it.

Now Step- 2

Now I assume you see the girl every day. Maybe he studies in your college or works in your office, then what will you do. Ask yourself what is the thing that is attracting you to it? At this point. Apparently, her hair, clothes, her figure, her eyes could have a lot more. Apart from these things you have no information about him. Am I right? So based on these things you are creating a fantasy world. And that doesn’t make sense. That’s all you know to look beautiful. You don’t know anything about him yet. And if you know anything about him, it’s just his basic introduction.

Like when you read a book and you open the first page of that book and you see that there is something called Basic Introduction. Here is the same thing. Now when you open the book you will know what it has. I mean you don’t know anything about him now.

Every human being is a mystery. Understood

So take 3 steps back before pursuing anything. No matter how beautiful she looks. Think back 3 steps first. Because right now your life is stable and that is why you are going so crazy. Do people who have gone crazy want to go crazy again? Except for a few people who have one, would they want to pull another one and call for a new danger? To be crazy you need to be stable first and you can afford to be crazy for what you are now For someone. Everything is in my hands now. Why should I do it now? That’s right. Everything is in my hands now. Throw them away.

I want crazy right now. Am I right? Then after a while when that thing is gone it will feel like, I was rather good before. what a beautiful thing I had in mind I wanted to do something but now it’s all over. Then I have watched a motivational video or an article then I’ll be fine again. This is called Struggle. When you like yourself so much to get in trouble, get in trouble, I have nothing else to do. My point is that what you see now is what you see wrong. The first step was to accept. The second step is to observe. Ask yourself what is it? Don’t waste time.

Accept reality brother

On what basis are you saying these things if I could make her my girlfriend and if I make her be my wife. Whatever you say, you believe in what people say. Good luck to you. You don’t work for any insurance company or police. Otherwise, they would have taken you very well. I did not mention the girl in all these words. But this is human nature. And the biggest fault is yours. Because you are entering his life without knowing anything. This is something most boys do, so today I said it for boys. It’s time to develop your mind at the age you are now. So now you will believe whatever other people tell you. Willingness to try new things. But whatever you do, you will make a mistake now.

Because your reality doesn’t make any sense. You are floating in a world of imagination. So now there is a lot of time and before you think about all this, think carefully about what I said. And if you have to hurt yourself, go ahead and go on your way.

So my friend if you like then share your friends and help others to give their life decisions.

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