Today we will discuss how to overcome distractions work motivation. There are many people among us who are suffering from this problem. Maybe you have a big test ahead of you. For which you can’t prepare very well. Because your mind is moving in another direction. This is the same thing that happens when you are working somewhere.

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Here are three states of being we will discuss how to overcome distractions work motivation

  • In which you are sitting and doing your work with the mind.
  • You’re sitting on the phone and your time is running out.
  • You are not doing either of these two things.

Number 3 is much better than 1 and 2. Because when you see something on the phone like Instagram photos, news, Any blogs, anything. Maybe you were doing something at the time. But when you sit down with this thing after a while you forget all about what you were doing. And why were you doing it? The mood you had when you woke up in the morning and started working will no longer be the same after you use your phone. As a result, you will begin to accept that you have a looser.

And it will continue like this. You’ll think my work won’t happen today, I’ll do it tomorrow. But tomorrow you will do the same thing and the same result will come. In this way, the mentality of working in you will gradually go away.

Now I tell you a small method

You will need a watch to follow these rules. But remember that it should not be mobile. Giving a mobile phone means you understand that you will be stuck in the same problem again. Now you set some alarm on that watch. For example, from what time to what time you will complete your work. In my opinion, you set the time every two hours. when the alarm will ringing That time write down somewhere what you did these two hours. This will help you a lot. You will find your mistakes yourself. As a result, you will feel a little ashamed of yourself. Because when you look at what your goal was today and what you have done so far.

After watching that, you will be able to understand for yourself that you still have 6 hours or 2 hours. So you start doing your own job. Your brain will motivate itself. But remember that no matter what happens, you will not break your promise without a big problem.

You will have more desire to do whatever you want to do and if you don’t do it then you will not want to do it anymore.

When fear comes. We get scared when we don’t start that work. But in doing so, you get all the answers yourself. How to do it and if there is a problem in between, you have to solve it yourself. Hey brother, start work first. Fear will go away on its own.

Reduce your rights

Now we come to the first two points. Whenever we talk about distraction first we always think about when we have a goal in life. You always become a distraction to meet that goal. if you do any time pass work in your life, like Instagram, gossip with friends, What’s App, Facebook comes to these. Then a simple thing will come to mind that if you do not give the dignity to your work, then you have no right to give dignity to those unemployed works. You do not have to study or do all the work. All right. But you won’t do that either. And I can write to you when you are empty, you will take care of it yourself. This time I do my work because I will not be able to do the useless work until I do it.

Secondly, a good thing happens when you are sitting empty. That is, you have a lot of time to think. And when you think so, that’s what you want to do. Nowadays, people don’t have a moment to think about it. What will be the priority of your life? When you talk to yourself when you think about yourself. Develop the habit of talking to yourself. Think for yourself. When you are alone, ask yourself what is the purpose of the goal you have set. Why do you want to get there? Ask yourself questions and you will get answers. You have to think when you want to get what you want in life. If you think, start working. Bring motivation from within yourself. Internal Motivation First Always Mind It.


I can call you a simple solution on how to overcome distractions work motivation

Ask yourself some questions
1 Who am I?
2 Why am I doing this?
3 What will I get in the future as a result of this work?

Asking means you think. And you will get the answer. So stop thinking then start your work again. Unemployed working on this phone will not give you any money. So don’t end your life in this way.

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