To get rid of any kind of fear, we must first know what is fear? And how does this fear come about? Fear is the first thing that is involved in any aspect of our lives. This fear comes to us before we start any work. In fact, 99.99% of people have this fear. In which a number of people overcome that fear and move forward. And some people spend their whole lives relying on that fear. Now there is a big difference between these two. How to deal with any type of fear?

Suppose those who can overcome this fear move forward on the path to success. And those who can’t, they go on day after day making that fear their favorite friend. But in the end, the friend deceived them. And there is the fear of those who do not need success. They live in peace. But at the end of the day, when they see their face standing in front of the Mirror, they feel ashamed of themselves. So today’s topic is Deal with any type of fear.

How to deal with any type of fear? with example

I want you to look at your life as a perspective for 5 seconds. That is what is happening now. After 6 months, these will not seem to be a problem for you. Because you are familiar with the regular thing that will slowly remove your fear. I want to say one thing, don’t be afraid. Let’s talk about fear as an example. Which happens to boys and girls in every school life. That is the fear of the result after giving the exam. I mean, you had a lot of time before the exam.

And I think, you have studied. This time you gave the exam. But the result that came may have been very bad. And your idea is the end of my life. This is your first fear. The effect of which will continue to be created in new ways as long as you live. Like you created such fear before you went to give an interview somewhere. 60% of where you took the preparation. But due to fear, it came to 30%. In fact, a long list of these fears is going to be made in your life.

Remove the fear from the list and add some things to success

For example, before the result comes out, remove the fear, and write a new thing there. My results will come exactly as I have studied. Because the exam preparation was in my hands. But I do not have the result of my exam. So I have no problem if the result does not come as I expected. Because I know I should have gotten it. This should have been when the word will come inside you? When you have complete faith in yourself… you will lose faith in the one who will see your exam copy. Only when you have full faith in yourself. But we can’t do that. On the other hand, we move forward with fear.

The same kind of example is when you go to the interview just before. Before you go for an interview, prepare yourself in such a way that this fear can’t tell you anything. For example, the interview that I am going to give today, if I am selected, I will climb a ladder of success. So if I can climb a staircase, I will climb the rest of the stairs. And even if I can’t get up, I have to build the stairs again.

Because there must have been something wrong with my staircase. Which is why I probably couldn’t get up. In fact, to be honest, success is like a small road stone that you have to lift yourself to make a ladder. For which no one will help you. One day the little ants will look at how they make their home. They should have the biggest fear as us. Because they are so small, at any moment they can come under our feet and die. They are not afraid to die.

Some of the two lines of overcoming fear

When the stomach is hungry, and there is no roof over the head, they try to make it. And what you’re wasting because of a little fear. I will say the same thing every time, you will never give up for fear. Go ahead friend, that peak of success is waiting for you.

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