How do recognize an introverted person

What is introverted?

(HOW DO RECOGNIZE AN INTROVERTED PERSON) Suffice it to say that when you think of yourself as a shy wallflower or prefer to be alone at home instead of socializing. Introverts pay more attention to internal thoughts, feelings, and moods than to external stimuli.

Are You an Introvert? top 24 things I will tell you

  1. They breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the phone ring and the line was cut.
  2. They are not seen in re-union or gate together.
  3. The number of friends is very limited.
  4. Prefers to listen rather than talk. They are pretty good quality listeners.
  5. Become a good observer.
  6. They feel uncomfortable talking with other people. (HOW DO RECOGNIZE AN INTROVERTED PERSON)
  7. They do not like timepass no reason. However, if they are allowed to talk about their choice, they can go on lecturing for hours.
  8. The number of people who like them is often relatively very low. Many may think arrogantly because of their introverted nature.
  9. Neighbors may not know their names.
  10. Feeling reluctant to borrow money. If someone forces him to pay. They arrange to get it very soon The purpose- does not keep in touch with people
  11. Not interested in attracting anyone’s attention. Maintain maximum distance from the spotlight.
  12. The level of arrogance is a little higher than their anger.
  13. Usually homely. Reading non-fiction with a blanket on a rainy day is much more enjoyable for them than traveling around the world.
  14. Very few people know the date of their birthday.
  15. Many times they become known as unsmart
  16. Except for very close people, no one knows much about their special abilities or weaknesses.
  17. Human gestures or body language are generally more analytical than extroverts.
  18. They have no intention of other people.they are busy with themselves.
  19. They have their own world of imagination. And it goes far beyond your imagination.
  20. When Guests come to their homes often do not notice their presence at home.
  21. It takes a relatively long time to reply to someone’s message except for some very familiar people. Many of them are able to speak and write quite neatly.
  22. The most comfortable corner seats on the bus or the benches at the end of the class are their favorite.
  23. Be afraid to think they are worthy of someone’s choice.
  24. When they suddenly see an acquaintance on the street. They are more inclined to cover there face with an umbrella or hide another place.

One last thing, have you ever compared the good and the bad of an apple and an orange? The comparison between an introvert and an extrovert is just as meaningless. I have heard many people try to go from introverted to extroverted. But does it really need anything? Let him be as good as they are.

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