how can we learn English how to improve English


(How can we learn English how to improve English) You will notice that many of the educated people in our country are employed in different countries and can understand and speak the language of that country.

But the question now is that we have been reading and writing English from an early age, yet we cannot speak in this language because our country does not have the right language to teach English. Now how do you speak English which is a difficult language for many? So all you have to do is practice the practice of the English language, that is, create an environment for learning English. How to do it? Check another blog-

10 important point

  1. Various English practice apps are available in the Google Play Store and you can install and use them.
  2. Read more English daily magazines.
  3. You can use the Google Voice service from your smartphone to see if your language recognizes it.
  4. Talk to those who want to learn English.
  5. We spend most of the day on Facebook or messenger.we can open a group and send text in English. It will be rich in grammar as the vocabulary of the words will get richer day by day.
  6. Start saying and keep saying!
  7. Many people now use Facebook to practice speaking English with anyone you want to learn English. There are many groups to learning English on Facebook and you can join them and practice with them.
  8. watching English movies. and newspaper reading
  9. Not Following Shortcuts: So you went to the library for a day and saw a book. Name the book in only thirty days Learn English. Then you bought the booklet and read English. you can never learn this way. The shortcut does not match success. To learn English, you have to patiently grow a little. Only then will you reach the door of success.
  10. Learn how to make mistakes: So you don’t speak English because you’re wrong. if you don’t make mistakes, you will learn how. If you want to be right before you go wrong.

Practice regularly: So you read the above points ten hours a week very carefully. But for the rest of the week, you didn’t practice English. That way it will never be taught. Instead, give yourself ten minutes a day instead of ten hours. Improvement itself will be found.

How is it possible to learn English Vocabulary?

Learn to pronounce at least 5 new words daily. Write new words in front of a table on paper or wherever the eye goes. Once you have learned, enter new words again. That’s it. but if you want to learn you have to work hard on it and I am sure you will get confidence. check my another blog post-

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  1. Riya Mondal says:

    Sir,i want to ask some qustion about your this blog….
    I does my effort regularly but I think myself I am such a looser,in case of understanding the news paper,can you help me?

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