How can I pass on a job interview answer

(How can I pass on a job interview answer) First of all, this is a disease. The name of the disease is interview phobia. What happens if the disease? All day long the thoughts turn around. There is nothing to fear because research shows that 80% of people suffer from this. So let’s see how you can get rid of this disease.

here is the point interview answer

1- I don’t need this job This job requires me: This word will bring about confidence. Now the main question is how will this word come? Firstly, be prepare yourself in a way so that the fear goes away. Understand your mind, no one else can do this because I have a good skill at this job. I am not talking about overconfidence too much. (confab) Just believe in yourself. Well, before joining that company does a good research. Because When you do research, everything you will answer and you prepare 80% for this interview. So do it well. Check out other link-

2- think of pity- What are you thinking? They will have pity on you. Why? They need an expert person who will grow up this company. So remove this type of things. You get paid to work. Tell me one thing, what you will do if it is your company? You always think how can I grow my company. So how do you think they will show you pity?

3- Answer the Question- Try to give them a simple answer when they ask you any question. Don’t go out expressing yourself too much. Because they like exact answer use some short words by doing. If your answer is too big, they would be irritated. So don’t do this.

4- Take honest- Honestly is one of the things that use everywhere. Suppose you write anything in your resume, but you can’t do this. Because you have not knowledge in that regard. So what happened when they tell you can you do it right now. How can you solve that and get the answer So be honest. Check my other blog-

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