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(Believe in yourself). it’s not just a word, it’s an emotion of the heart. It’s very important for everyone’s life. So now the question is how to know a person he/she trustworthy. So first I did not yet recognize people because of it very difficult. But some point I tell it might help you……… 1. His eyes-concentrate his eyes, he will listen to your words but his mind will be on the other side. 2. His conversation-what does he tell you about his own friendship between you? It’s very important. 3. money relation-did you give him any money did he return it? 4. his own impression- in all-time does he proud himself. check another blog post-

These are the four things I know, and I think it will help everyone. But I meet two people who are just yours and you can close your eyes and say everything they will never break your trust. It’s your MOM and DAD. check out my other blog-

  • Impossible to say “impossible” means that you cannot find a real solution now!
  • One of life’s greatest victories is to do anything; Which everyone thought you could never do.
  • Never look down on yourself, your own soul will die. When the soul dies, people forget to dream. And without a dream, man can never survive.
  • Instead of throwing a tear for someone who hurts you, thank him for giving him the chance to find someone better.
  • Looking down from the high ceiling, only the sight of falling will float in front of the eyes; And looking at the sky, you want to fly.
  • Never take pleasure in thinking “I can do this if I want to”. Never work on it. Start working with your confidence.
  • Self-confidence usually comes with success. But success is only for those who are confident.


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