17-20 years boys or girls must do this

This age mentions the first age of success. There are some things to keep in mind during this time. 17-20 years boys or girls must do this. check another blog- https://www.rileychildrens.org/health-info/growth-development-12-21-years

read this carefully

  1. Friendship won’t last forever Have to prepare to lose friends. Be generous for new bonds.
  2. Never rely on anyone in such a way that they can do you permanent harm if they wish.
  3. There are still good, trustworthy people in the world. so do trust them.
  4. Think before work, not later. There is a lot of difference between the Quick Decision and the Impulsive Decision.
  5. Learn to do certain things only for the sake of yourself.
  6. When you enter the workplace, some friends will surely be there. But it is not okay to do anything emotionally in the workplace.
  7. If you make a mistake, do it as soon as possible. It will take longer to refine.
  8. Be grateful for what you have. You may not have it tomorrow because of your laziness, forehead or for some other reason.
  9. Be very careful when choosing a mate. Girls, in particular, admit to having a very bad experience in this regard. Take a look at long-term stability rather than temporal well-being.
  10. Befriending such people and meeting relatives who are reluctant to make constructive criticism over their faces.
  11. Learn to respect the religion, faith, country, culture of others.
  12. Money is not everything. but Money is everything.it means You have to confirm your own future. However, with a low focus on money early in the career, you should focus more on learning work experience.
  13. Learn to take responsibility for your words and actions. Learn to admit when you make a mistake.
  14. Place your parents above all else. One has to regret not spending time with them today.
  15. Not just solve every problem, try to find opportunities.
  16. Try to control your thoughts. For lack of this control, people commit suicide for trivial reasons.
  17. We miss so many golden opportunities by thinking “what people will think”. so don’t do this. Go ahead.
  18. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of the sport. These days you will not get one.
  19. There is nothing more important than studying right now.
  20. You need to find out what you want to do in life. Of course, the work you do happily should be the goal of your life. Because never bother to do that.
  21. Don’t just find yourself feeling good. You have to work behind it regularly. One day – no work in two days. Give it some time daily. Maybe one day you will get to know people with that work!
  22. At this time of adolescence, there will be many obstacles. You have to create the mentality to put them on. Because at this time many people give up and become frustrated.
  23. There will be ups and downs. Through it, life has to move forward. You have to learn to find happiness in the smallest of things, and then life begins to feel successful.
  24. At this age of reading and writing, religion has to aim at measuring and continuing to read and write. check my blog- https://www.successme4u.com/improve-english/how-can-we-learn-english-how-to-improve-english/

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